DATE OF BIRTH: 21.09.1979

HOMETOWN: Stolberg

RIDING 50s SINCE: summer 2005

RIDING 50s WHY: for me riding 50s is the next level to riding BMX. From the first day on I only had fun. It's simply amazing jumping that far and that fast.

FAVOURITE SPOT TO RIDE: our undergroundcompound (Stolberg), Camp Ramps long distance Setup

MY BIKE: custom Honda CRF 50 with 88ccm bigbore kit, fast50s frame and speed fork, billet wheels, IShock extended and BSP parts. I love my bike because it is so strong.

OTHER HOBBIES: sometimes I ride BMX and build ramps to ride in our compound and if I have time I pimp my car to a racing machine


THANKS TO: my parents, especially to my mother (+ 29. 7. 2003), who did her best for me for 24 years and all my friends who support me. ...and special thanks to my sweet girlfriend (-: